Sunday, November 14, 2010

SandLot: Completed

Congratulations you have beaten the sandlot in pinch hitter 2.

Sand Lot:Hitting two consecutive home runs

4) This challenge will be easy if you follow the directions for challenge 1. Also the pitcher will generally throw in the same general area but will be a slightly different throw so adjust to hitting the ball differently this time.

Sand Lot Hit 10 consecutive balls

3) How to get 10000 points in 10 tries.
This can be done by getting 3-4 consecutive homeruns. One home run will get you 4000 points, and consecutive homerun will get you 8000 points. By getting strikes or outs you will lose points. The goal for this challenge may not say to get home runs but home runs are how you will get allot of points. By just hitting the ball in the out field you may only be getting around 200 - 500 points. The problem with this is that the outfield players have the opportunity to catch the ball and may cause you to get a out.

Sand Lot Hit 10 consecutive balls

2)How to hit 10 consecutive balls with no strikes or outs.

This requires concentration and patience. You must always look at where the ball is being thrown at and hit the ball where there are no out field players. The outfield players will change spots depending on where you hit the ball last time. The reason why you don't want to hit in the direction of the outfield players is that they can catch the ball and you will be out and be forced to restart.

1)Sand Lot Home Run

Hitting a homerun in this game requires timing and swinging the bat at the right time.You will want to place the bat slightly lower than the ball so that you will hit the ball upwards.This will usually cause a home run but not always.

Note: The Black X is where you want to swing the bat at.